June 27, 2011

Solar Yams

This weekend when I roasted yams in my Sport model solar cooker, I forgot that just because you cannot burn foods in it does not mean you cannot overcook them.

I put four yams into a black enameled pan, covered them, and let them bake while I went out for the afternoon.  Had I been thinking, I would have placed them on the sun deck in a spot where the shadow of the house would fall after a couple of hours. That would have 'turned off' the solar oven by remote control, as it were.

When I got home the yams were warm, damp, and squishy  soft.  Not what I had in mind. Nonetheless, they made excellent mashed yams by simply stripping off the pliable skins and stirring the insides together with some butter and seasonings.

Next time, I'll stick a fork in them to test for doneness, just as I would if I put them into the kitchen oven.

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