January 14, 2012

Diet for a Small Planet

When it first came out in 1971, Frances Moore Lappe's Diet for a Small Planet was revolutionary, even a touch heretical. Americans had been 'going big or going home' in food production, institutionalizing the factory farm system, since the end of World War II. We were maximizing efficiency and exporting prosperity. Having plenty of meat was more American than apple pie.
How dare this woman come along and challenge our hard-earned standard of living? Accuse us of 'gross waste' and environmental destruction?  Not only suggest that we could enjoy a healthier, more sustainable way of eating, but explain why, and how, and provide recipes?

Apparently readers and eaters were hungry for the message, because the book became a best seller, now in its 20th edition. The newest version is available from Lappe's non-profit Small Planet Institute.

A dog-eared copy of the 1975 edition, and the companion book Recipes for a Small Planet, are available from me, for free, as part of my Healthy Food Books Giveaway. If you want them, speak up soon!


Anonymous said...

yep. we'd like one. (we've moved) Marta, Jacob (still not quite 200lbs and still 6'8") and P

MB Austin said...

It's yours!
I'll email you and see if we can catch up at the hand-off.