December 24, 2011

A Vegetarian Noche Buena Feast

Years ago, our Cuba-born friend Ariela Boronat (yes - the artist) introduced us to a rather different Christmas tradition than my Protestant family's. Christmas day is for going to church, eating leftovers, and resting. Epiphany (January 6, when the Three Wise Men brought baby Jesus marvelous swag) is for exchanging gifts. And Christmas Eve, or Noche Buena, is a family holiday feast night.

A traditional Noche Buena feast may include dishes like arroz con pollo, roasted pork loin, and flan; but it must include these three staples:
Once you've got this trinity covered, serve whatever you like as an appetizer, dessert, or optional additional protein. Just add friends and family, and you've got a feast worthy of Noche Buena.

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