June 24, 2010

Strawberry Love

It's hard to pick a favorite farm at most farmer's markets.  And at this time of year, it's hard to pick a favorite strawberry. 

But for strawberries, my all-time favorite vendor is Watsonville's Tomatero Farm.  Last week they offered three varieties: Seascape, Albion, and Chandler. Naturally I had to conduct a thorough taste test.  As always, the Seascape were lovely, a little on the tart side.  Albion were mellower. But the Chandler - oh my!  Super sweet.
This week the Albion were all sold out, but the other two tested out the same again.  So another three baskets of the organic beauties came home.
How, we asked, does this farm manage to produce the most luscious strawberries around? 
  • Great organic soil
  • A beautiful setting just past Mt. Madonna
  • Picking varieties that thrive in this micro-climate
And, last but not least, the love.  It shines through in every bite.

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