June 28, 2010

Ferry Plaza - Indoors

Three days a week, the outdoor farmers market at Ferry Plaza in San Francisco draws locals and tourists alike.  What about the other four days?  On those 'off' times, well, it's just a great indoor market well worth seeing on its own.
The Plaza hosts an impressive collection of long-time vendors of food and food-related items.  A few notable shops include:
  • Farwest Fungi
  • Prather Ranch (pasture-raised pigs and chickens)
  • Stonehouse Olive Oil
  • Sur La Table
  • Cowgirl Creamery
  • San Francisco Fish Company
  • Imperial Tea Court
  • Boccalone (Tasty Salted Pig Parts)
If you've made the Plaza your destination and reserved well in advance, you can also dine at the Slanted Door.  If not, there are a handful of excellent cafes, as well as a Peet's Coffee and Blue Bottle Coffee shops for a hot cup or a pound of beans to take home.

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