January 24, 2010

Soup Season

Winter may be mild here - no piles of snow, no ice storms, and hardly even a frost to speak of - but it's wetter and darker, and sometimes very windy.  Which makes me crave baked dishes, and soups.

Today I threw some organic russet potatoes in the oven, and then stuck a big pot of (rice pasta) penne with marinara, sweet Italian sausage, and grated cheese in to join the spuds.  While all that cooked, I put together a big pot of vegetarian chili and set that to simmering on the stovetop.

Since chili tastes bests the next day, I may pull out the leftovers of last weekend's comfort food, a marvelous, hearty split-pea soup.  And for more inspiration, I may search Create TV's archives for Jacques Pepin demonstrating how to make his quick and easy potato leek soup.

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