December 6, 2009

Off Her Feed

Violet and I have a few important things in common:
  1. We are unfailingly excited about meal times
  2. We are interested in anything anyone is cooking, even when we're not hungry
  3. We loooooove the hand that feeds us
So when she stopped waking me at sunrise to remind me about breakfast, and failed to greet me at the door with high hopes of an immediate gratification supper, something was terribly wrong. After a day with her showing no interest in food, resisting any movement, and growling when approached, we called in the vet. By the time the vet could visit, Violet was also dehydrated (very dangerous for a cat) and surprisingly light (7 lbs!).
The fever accounted for the stiffness and crankiness; and a big lump of subcutaneous hydration plus regular squirts of bitter antibiotic solution helped with these. But we waited on tenterhooks for the critical sign of good health to return.
Finally, see did more than sniff and ignore. As the tentative nibbles and small drinks of water turned into small meals and finally full ones, we rejoiced to watch her energy and personality return. So now I can add one more trait we share:

4. We do not skip meals or snacks accidentally (Who 'forgets to eat'? I just don't get that).
If we go off our feed - get help!

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