August 10, 2009

Julia Rocks!

Yesterday was the perfect time to get out of the kitchen - I could not take the heat. And spending time in legendary kitchens, from the comfort of a cushy movie theatre seat, was the perfect alternative. Afterwards, we wandered across the boulevard to La Tartine, and sat people-watching from the sidewalk cafe tables, as the last of the afternoon heat waned. As close to a real Parisian experience as the day could offer.

Julie and Julia made me wistful for the Paris of the 40's; and not so much for contemporary Queens. But, unlike a number of movie critics, I thought the juxtaposition worked marvelously. Yes, Meryl Streep stole the show with her typically remarkable performance. (I was a little taken aback seeing the actual Julia Child on TV, that evening. Her jaw was too square, her hair too grey. Ah well.) But Nora Ephron also did a great job of bringing out Julie Powell's most endearing traits - her vulnerability, her loyalty to Julia, her ability to learn and persevere. And the weaving of the two tales was done artfully. I hope it inspires any viewers who have not read Julie and Julia and My Life in France to add both to their summer reading lists.

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