June 25, 2008

Outdoor Dining in the Smoking Section

With 800 fires burning in California, the whole outdoors smells like smoke. It's strange, in a place that allows cigarette smokers to light up in so few places.

Along with the tragic consequences of the fires, there are more mundane ones, like staying indoors for exercise (I knew that gym membership could still make sense in the summer). And not grilling outdoors. We could - but why add to the haze?

Instead, I borrowed a Global Sun Oven. Long a proponent of solar cooking, I have saved boxes and plans for the make-your-own solar cooker models. This weekend, I hope to set up the commercial oven and test it against the cheap and cheesy one I'll make myself. I am jones-ing for another round of ratatouille, and also some strawberry-rhubarb crumble. And while the sun bakes them for me, I'll be off to the gym, washing the smoke out of my hair.

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