April 28, 2010

Box of Happiness

I'm always looking for reasons to stay away from McDonald's, because whatever's in their faux food really works on me - while I consume it I feel funny; immediately afterwards I feel bad; and a couple weeks later I want more. Knowing I have this weakness makes me avoid the ads whenever possible, as they very effectively work their subliminal magic, too.

Recently I rode by a billboard with just a giant splash of Mickey D's fries, and the words, "Box of Happiness" on it. And that's where they tripped up. While many have used the expression, and no one can claim the copyright, I still wanted to step up and tell them to cease and desist. For that phrase is used best by Alice Austin, book artist.

The authentic B of H is not loaded with fat and sodium, but with sound advice for fuller living - sleep late, throw a party, drink coffee, eat more pie . . . and not one word about fast food binges.  And until the golden arches offer something as real as that, I'm sticking with the Alice plan.

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