February 7, 2010

Fish Wednesday

We've been truly blessed these past couple years to have a neighbor who loves to fish and love to share.  Along with the fish, he shares stories about catching them, and the rules about size, seasons, and numbers allowed per license.  He has strong preferences between types of trout, while I merely like the differences in their pretty skins and strongly prefer that they arrive in my kitchen pre-gutted.  I have learned to really appreciate the art of filleting, and anyone who will demonstrate it for me.

Besides the lake-caught trout, we've enjoyed a variety of treats from the SF Bay, such as Dungeness crab.  One of my favorites so far is fresh halibut (pictured here).

Although fish caught the same day needs barely any dressing up to be delicious, the gifts of the sea are so lovely they deserve thoughtful preparation.  Fish Wednesday, a blog by a friend of a friend, provides some inspiration and very clear instructions.  Pam covers both the adventure of finding sustainable seafood for sale (a doable feat in Seattle) and creating lovely dishes.  The photos (unlike mine) are always appetizing, showcasing the finished dish.

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