May 24, 2009

Solar cooking - brrr!

When you have a production schedule to meet, you plan and hope for the best. Today was overcast all morning, chilly, and pretty windy to boot. But Angelina was a great sport, cooking my adapted ratatouille recipe, polenta, and a strawberry-rhubarb crisp for the camera. Fortunately, all three dishes turned out well, with a little extra cooking time.
Thursday we'll tape in the studio, interviewing Solar Cooking International 's board member (and local solar PV business owner) Michael Mora. SCI does serious work with simple cookers in over two dozen countries, bringing life-changing benefits such as reductions in water-borne illness, cleaner indoor air, more time for women and girls to attend school or work rathering than gathering wood, less money spent on firewood for households already living under the poverty line, increased safety for women and girls who would otherwise risk assault while gathering wood outside their villages or refugee camps, and reductions in deforestation. An amazing amount of good from an incredibly simple, affordable, locally-adaptable technology.

Today's food shots will speak to local viewer's stomachs, and the SCI portion to their hearts and minds. All in one half-hour of Bite-size Green TV.

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