December 2, 2008

The Perfect Hostess Gift

During the holidays (whichever ones you celebrate that involve going to other people's homes), the question of what to bring the host or hostess always comes up. Flowers are a popular standby; and wine is a common fallback. But why not invest the same effort and expense in something local, hand-crafted, and nicer than you would buy everyday for home? Something like a small round of Harley Goat Farms chevre, for instance.

We made the pilgrimage to Pescadero (CA) this summer, and bought a stock of gorgeous fresh cheese selections. At a grocery store, the purchase would have overwhelmed me; but there near the coast, watching the happy goats in their field, it felt like a worthwhile investment.

The pleasant store staff assured me that the chevre freezes well; so I laid my fears of wasting any aside and indulged (the tasting samples are wicked enticements). One particularly beautiful round went into the freezer; and I we didn't think about it much until it surfaced in October. By then I knew which special occasion it was for - Thanksgiving. I appreciated so much not hosting the supper this year that I wanted to bring something really delightful. And it fit the bill.

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